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clown and hula hoop performer

Jessica approaches the world of juggling on its own, then improved herself through workshops and courses in physical theatre, juggling, dance, acrobatics and clowns.
In 2014 she graduated in Physical Theatre at “Atelier Teatro Fisico Philip Radice” in Turin and then deepened her study of clowns with Andre Casaca and Antonio Villella. Always looking for creative suggestions, he attended workshops with Roberto Magro, Marianna De Sanctis and Florence Huet.

She works as a street artist with a solo show "Ops!" and as a living statue "Passiflora Circolare". Since 2018 she has formed Le ClownEsse, a company made up of 7 women who share the desire to analyse female comedy from different points of view.

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Passiflora Circolare


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