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Jessica was born on May 12, 1984 in a small village in the province of Treviso.
Already as a child she showed a strong interest in art in the broadest sense, a diligent and somewhat introverted child, she spent her days drawing and fantasizing, between a dance lesson and a game of volleyball.
She discovered juggling during the university period and began to train. But it is in 2008, thanks to a workshop of fire juggling organized in Bologna for the Par Tòt Parata, that she meets other companions with whom she forms the "Fuocamboo" company. From that moment on she decided to turn his passion into a job, and started attending a weekly clowning course with Giorgio Formenti and taking part in various internships and workshops. In 2009 she created the company "Circolanti" and in 2012 with Gloria Barbanti she forms the "Compagnia Quinto Piano".
In 2014 she graduated from the "Atelier di Teatro Fisico Philip Radice" in Turin, but continues to train through clown workshops with André Casaca and Antonio Villella, hula hoop workshops with Marianna De Sanctis and Florence Huet and circus actor with Roberto Magro.
She currently works with the solo show "Ops!" and the living statue "Passiflora Circolare".
Her main circus tool is the hula hoop and her research leads her to explore the manipulation of this object in a comic and clownish way to put the technique at the service of dramaturgy.
She lives in Monferrato with her partner Riccardo and her daughter Aruna, where she carries on the project of "Spiazzo. Circo fuori dal vaso" a place of creation, workshops and shows.

From 2018 with 6 other female artists she decides to form Le ClownEsse, with which he is still working on the show Cabaret Clownesse.


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